Help is here!

Written by  on December 23, 2015

Hurray!  Daughter Natalie is sitting beside me helping me add pictures without all the trial and error (heavy on the error) methods that I’ve been using.  Check out the new watercolors on the site and at the Caramel Cookie Waffle at 1707 17th Street West here in Billings.   Just found out how to add links both on and off site.  Now if I can just remember using my notes.  Thank you for the help, Natalie!  Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for your support.

Plenty to be thankful for

Written by  on November 27, 2015

This has been an exciting Thanksgiving week for me as an artist.  On Monday, I got a letter that The Fire Poppy was accepted into the Yellowstone Art Center’s 48th Annual Art Auction that begins Jan. 21, 2016 and ends March 5, 2016.  Two pieces sold at the Caramel Cookie Waffle this week, also – a mini watercolor and Sunflower 3.  This means that I have to settle down and paint; when things sell at the Caramel Cookie, people take the paintings off the wall and they need to be replaced.

End of class

Written by  on November 19, 2015

Thanks to the patience of the instructor, Brenda Segna of Blast Creative, and fellow student Laci, my website is up and there’s even hope that I can maintain it.  Away we go!

In the beginning …

Written by  on October 21, 2015

Welcome to my website and blog.  People often ask me if I’ve got a website.  To me that’s great but I want to be able to manage it so here I am in a class, learning.  Right now the site is rough, but there’s hope.  Check back to follow the progress.