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Being a fourth generation Montanan, my deep roots in the wildly diverse “Big Sky” state have allowed creativity to lead in my art work.  I see both the big picture and the small details. The play of color against color and lines flowing with other lines catches my attention.  My mind also constantly sees how something could be changed in color, form, view, or use.

Art has been a part of my world from a young age.  My pursuit of producing art has been checkered based on what was happening in my world such as raising a family and teaching.  Once the children left the nest, I again picked up my brushes and vowed not to put them down again.

Being an eclectic person, I admire diverse artists and draw inspiration from a myriad of places.

The subjects of my work vary with what calls to me and ranges from the ordinary drawn in a normal way, to ordinary painted in wild colors or from an unusual viewpoint, to ordinary transformed into abstracts.  While I use many different media, my primary work is in either oil or acrylic.  Sometimes when I’m involved with a piece, an exciting thing happens.  It feels like the painting says, “Listen up!  This is how you’re going to paint me.”  I’m learning to pay attention and when I do, the piece explodes off the canvas.  It’s just incredible.  Just as one size doesn’t fit all, one style doesn’t define my work.

As long as I am creating something, my world is happy.  Creativity is an essential part of my being that never shuts down.